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Many people wonder what they can expect from therapy. Here are a few thoughts ...

You can expect that we will spend the first session focused on collecting relevant history and discussing your reasons for seeking therapy. We will collaboratively come up with a treatment plan, and will revisit that plan frequently to assess our progress.

You can also expect that we will engage in some experiential exercises in mindfulness and acceptance in the office, and we will spend time assessing and clarifying your personal values.

You may be asked to complete homework assignments between sessions, and generally those assignments are geared toward getting you back involved in your life in ways that you identify are important to you. For example, if you have been avoiding spending time with friends, and you identify that having strong friendships is an important value for you, we may come up with an assignment that involves you reaching out to a friend and spending time together.

It’s important to understand that therapy is a collaborative process – you will get out of it what you are willing to put into it!


Accepted Insurance:

  • BCBS PPO plans

  • Aetna PPO plans

  • United/Optum


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